Mission Statement

As one of the best technical  medical schools in New York City, our pledge is to provide YOU with the finest Allied Health academic programs and training available. We are dedicated to preparing you for a rewarding career in the medical industry.

Mandl is a small college in New York, with a big mission. We’re devoted to educating men and women, regardless of their backgrounds, to serve ably and effectively in the allied health industry. To accomplish this mission, Mandl offers academic programs specifically designed to provide each student:

  • Educational and employment opportunities through concentrated, highly structured programs of study that prepares students for entry-level positions within the broad and varied field of allied health.
  • Curricula in allied health that reflects the needs of a changing job market.
  • An opportunity for students to acquire the skills for occupational growth, including the understanding of employer expectations.
  • Provide graduates with assistance in securing employment within allied health.
  • The skills and attitudes to continue learning throughout their lifetimes.

Mandl Institutional Goals:

  • Curricula: To offer academic programs of high quality that emphasizes the integration of theory and practical application.
  • Faculty: To develop an outstanding faculty consisting of individuals who are highly qualified by experience and training and who are dedicated to the individual development of their students.
  • Student Services: To maintain a wide range of student services, including academic advising, financial aid and career placement.
  • Resources: To support the academic programs by providing appropriate facilities, equipment and learning resources.

Located within miles of some of the best hospitals and medical schools in New York City and in the country, the Mandl School is the ideal location for embarking on a rewarding career in health care services. As one of the smaller colleges in New York, we offer personalized instruction and small class sizes.

At Mandl, OUR dedication has aided thousands of graduates achieve excellence and become active members of the Medical Industry. We look forward to helping you take your first steps towards the career of your dreams.

At Mandl we are able to combine the benefits of a being a premier school in New York City with the advantages given by attending small colleges. To learn more about our programs and degrees please contact us below for enrollment information, questions, or concerns.