The Mandl Dental Assistant School in NYC

As one of the healthcare industry’s fastest growing occupations, dental health is important to everyone—and dental assistants are becoming an essential vocation in healthcare. Dental Assistants find careers at dental offices, dental clinics, and even private and government hospitals. Depending on your chosen setting, a career as a dental assistant will allow for flexibility full or part time hours. The need for skilled dental assistants is on the rise, making Mandl Schools’ dental program a great opportunity for a lucrative career in dental health.

Dental Assistant programs are fast becoming a popular healthcare choice, as it is one of the few medical careers that doesn’t require a Bachelors Degree to start. Mandl Schools is a premier dental assistant school in NYC offering prospective students the ability to begin vocational training after obtaining a high school diploma or the equivalent GED. The dental assistant program is designed to be completed in 45 weeks and provides a Dental Assistant Certification upon completion.

As a student at Mandl Schools, your training will be based on modern, up-to-date methods with a proven, real-world curriculum. Invest your time and passion into building a solid foundation during your time at Mandl. While your end goal might be to help others in your community with dental services, help yourself by choosing the right program that will help you succeed in allied health.

Students becoming a dental assistant will receive instruction, practical experience, and laboratory experience. Prescribed written coursework in dental assistant school includes instruction on the anatomy of the human head and neck, infection control procedures, the proper use of dentist tools, gum disease prevention, and law and ethics.

The dental assistant training program prepares students for a fulfilling career by training students in chair-side work that involves the student in preparing patients to see the dentist, assisting the dentist in procedures, proper care of dental implements, and treatment rooms, as well as, performing all infection control procedures. Gain laboratory experience and the ability to prepare dental materials. You will also learn how to take and process dental x-rays.

Get hands-on experience in a 300-hour Dental Assistant professional internship that will prepare you for providing patient services and assistant the dentist in all facets. During your internship, you will receive real world experience as you become proficient in oral care and experience working with patients. Build steady hands and greater confidence with every patient you take. Each patient is an opportunity to grow your knowledge, skill, and ability to educate others while you help them.

Dental health is becoming more important than ever in America’s health industry. Obtaining a dental assistant certification in NYC will help you get a career where millions of residents are proactive about receiving preventative and restorative dental care. Dental assistants are in high demand. The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that there is an estimated 36% increase in dental assistant positions available over the next 8 years.

For those seeking dental assistant certification NYC, Mandl schools’ New York City offers a top-choice dental assistant course in Midtown Manhattan. As one of the best technical medical schools In New York City, Mandl is responsible for preparing students to start work in entry-level positions in allied health. They pride themselves on smaller classroom sizes to engage students in a more intimate learning experience.

Mandl is located just miles from top medical schools and hospitals in New York City and is dedicated to providing you the finest dental assistant training. The medical industry needs qualified dental assistants, take the steps to begin your new, rewarding career in dental assisting.

Contact Mandl School today to get more information about how the Dental Assistant Program can benefit you. Mandl Schools are an accredited institution and offer financial aid opportunities for those in need.