A.A.S. In Health Care Administration (60 credits)

At Mandl School – College of Allied Health, students are given the opportunity of a lifetime. To work as a medical professional in a highly skilled industry carries a prestige second to none, as well as many unique benefits. Our Healthcare Administration Associate Degree Programs provide students with an in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector and the essential competencies needed to operate effectively.

The comprehensive curriculum includes training in sophisticated administration and high-level technical skills tailored to meet the current and future needs of this nation. Discussion of relevant legislative and regulatory issues permeates the classrooms, and students gain a true understanding of up-to-date, real-world solutions to problems in the healthcare industry. You will be sure to gain a competitive edge both in launching your career, and earning high marks at your new position as a medical administrator. The program provides graduates with the advantage of understanding the specialized language and nuances of the healthcare system.

Typical career paths chosen by the graduates of our Healthcare Administration Associate Degree Programs include admitting clerk, medical billing specialist, medical office assistant, medical office coordinator, insurance reimbursement specialist, medical admin assistant, physician’s office assistant, and many many more.

These are extremely attractive career choices for a number of reasons. The job security is second to none, as the fastest growing industry in the U.S., with predictions of faster than average growth rate through 2018. It is anticipated that available jobs will increase by more than 34 percent by then. Competitive starting salaries are very attractive, with fantastic growth potential. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes, and the satisfaction that comes with serving the community and helping those in need should not be underestimated. As previously mentioned, the prestige associated with working in the medical field has considerable weight.

The opportunities are indeed endless, and the 60 credit courses offered by our Healthcare Administration Associate Degree Programs provides you with the firm academic foundation needed to pursue advanced studies and higher degrees in the near future.

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