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Certificate in Medical Assisting (45 Credits)

Mandl College of Allied Health has some of the most complete Medical Assistant Programs in NYC. When you graduate from Mandl, you join the ranks of some of the most highly-trained and educated Medical Assistants in the nation. Earning an education here will give you the competitive edge needed to land the job you want, with the pay you deserve. As a Medical Assistant, you will work in clinical areas, perform laboratory tests, and assume a variety of administrative responsibilities. Medical assistants work in medical clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, health insurance organizations, and other types of health care facilities.

Mandl produces graduates that are truly set apart from the standard. We offer a practical and comprehensive medical assistant program designed to prepare students for some of the most needed jobs in the health care industry. Our students leave the program with keen knowledge of clinical skills and office procedures required to successfully embark on a gratifying career in health care. The coursework has been designed to build clinical laboratory procedure and administrative medical office skills that today’s employers find extremely valuable in the medical job market.

Jobs have have never been so stable in this career. Medical Assistant is anticipated to be one of the fastest growing medical occupations in the next decade, with a more than 34 percent increase in available jobs. There simply aren’t enough graduates to fill the available positions currently.

The job has many perks to consider as well. Flexible hours means you can continue your education, or pursue other interests on the side. You can choose between a number of work shifts and opt to be full or part-time. The satisfaction felt from helping your community with their medical needs is second to none, and the prestige that comes from working the medical field among professional peers speaks for itself.

Mandl’s Medical Assistant Programs in NYC are the most comprehensive there available.
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