Earn an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting (60 Credits) >>

Certificate in Medical Assisting (45 Credits)

After graduating from Mandl, one of the premier Medical Assistant Schools In NYC, you join the ranks of some of the most highly-trained and educated Medical Assistants in the nation. An education from Mandl gives you the competitive edge you need in a career where medical assistants are in high demand, especially due to recent changes in United States health care policies.

Medical Assistants have responsibilities in clinical areas, performing laboratory tests, and assuming a variety of administrative roles. They typically work in medical clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, health insurance organizations, and other types of healthcare facilities. Earning a certificate from Mandl, one of the most prestigious Medical Assistant schools in NYC, you stand a better chance of getting the position you want at the pay you deserve.

Our graduates are what set Mandl apart from other medical assistant schools in NYC. We offer a practical and comprehensive medical assistant program designed to prepare students for some of the most needed jobs in the health care industry. You will leave the program with the keen knowledge of clinical skills and office procedures required to successfully make a career for yourself in the medical field. The coursework has been designed to build clinical laboratory procedure and administrative medical office skills that today’s employers find extremely valuable in the medical job market.

Medical Assistant is expected to be one of the fastest growing professions in the medical community. In the coming decade, it is anticipated that more than 34 percent more Medical Assistant jobs will be available. Even now, there are more positions available than there are graduates to fill them. Job stability is at an all time high.

There are few jobs more rewarding than helping people everyday with their medical needs, and the prestige that comes with the title speaks for itself.
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