Mandl, A Boutique Medical School in NYC


Mandl School the College of Allied Health offers one of the more well rounded platform of degree programs in New York City.  Unlike many schools and college that only offer a medical assisting degree or Health Care Administration degree (both offered by Mandl and considered by many to be the finest in NYC), Mandl offers challenging degree programs such as Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technologist, Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Dental Assistant. These programs are rigorous and acceptance rates are competitive.

Mandl School alumni work.

Mandl alumni from these specialized programs work. The state of Health care and the needs for qualified health care workers has never been higher. There is a real need and for those with a degree, they have a tremendous advantage. If you are looking for a career path in any of these disciplines, your degree is vital. In fact, without it, in many cases, you cannot become certified.

Mandl School Equal Opportunity Policy

Internships help start careers.

Mandl School Internships can make the difference between being job ready and still needing experience. Hospitals, clinics, private offices, urgent care, etc. all look for experience. Mandl has a fantastic Internship Program that will have you ready to start with experience.

Mandl School Career Development Center

2022 is almost here. Get started now!

2022 is quickly approaching. Getting started now means you are ready to sit for classes in January. This time next year, you are well on your way to a great career. Contact us today to learn more – we’ll help you get started!

Medical Assisting Students at Mandl School