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Student Services

Mandl School Student Services working on the computer

We are committed to student services and providing support, academic guidance and career guidance to all of our students and alumni. In an effort to provide this assistance, Mandl has created a number of on campus centers and programs designed to help new, current, and graduates fulfill their goal of embarking on and sustaining a career path.

To start, all all new students receive a comprehensive orientation to the college. During the orientation, which typically lasts from two to three hours, all relevant aspects of the college are covered, including academic programs, facilities and resources, faculty and staff, and rules and regulations. A copy of the Student Handbook, as well as catalog, is distributed to each student upon enrollment and its contents are discussed, but the College encourages that students review the publication themselves. The Handbook includes sections on student services, dress code, college rules and regulations, grading system, internships, financial aid, disciplinary action, standards of satisfactory progress, re-admission policy, and crime prevention policy.

Academic Support is Important to Learning

Students will also learn about our Academic Advisement Center, Career Development Center, and Learning Resource Center. Each offer specific opportunities to learn about career opportunities, arrange for tutoring, and much more.

We want your experience here at Mandl to be a pathway to your career.


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