A.A.S in Respiratory Therapy


(66 Credits) (Program Length: 75 Weeks/Total Clock Hours: 1785)

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As one of the top respiratory therapy schools in NYC, Mandl College works to meet the needs of our nation’s dynamic, fast-paced health care field. This industry is evolving rapidly and demands well-trained, licensed respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy technicians to staff hospitals, sleep labs and other health-related facilities.

The Associate in Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy program introduces students to the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions as respiratory therapists/respiratory therapy technicians. Students attending our premier NYC respiratory therapist school work under the medical direction of doctors or licensed respiratory therapists. In this program, students learn how to evaluate and treat cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) health issues. They also learn how to teach patients and their families about treatment and maintenance of pulmonary health problems, including the use of respiratory therapy equipment and medications.

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