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Academic Advisement

Mandl School Alumni
The Academic Advisement is the College’s main resource center and the primary academic advisement provider for all students: new, currently attending or returning to the College. The academic advisement division is led by the Dean of Academic and Student Services and staffed by a core of trained professional advisors and teaching faculty who serve on a rotating basis. Current and returning students are seen on a walk-in basis and via appointments. The Office of Academic Advisement, located on the fifth floor is responsible for the overall coordination and direction of the advising program at the College.

The mission of the academic advising program at Mandl is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their academic goals. Further, it is to fully inform students regarding requirements in their areas of concentration and to expose students to the variety of course and degree options offered by the College.

Earning a college degree requires the student to make a commitment to academic achievement and to make the necessary educational decisions. Academic advisors assist all students with wide range of concerns from educational decision-making to personal, social or family problem solving. Academic advisors listen to students and offer help in the following areas:

  • counsel students with low grade point averages
  • educational planning
  • study skills enhancement
  • changing area of concentration (major)
  • review of academic standing

Mandl School Tutoring

Learning Resource Center

Mandl’s Learning Resource Center (LRC) is supervised by the Director of the Learning Resource Center. Students may come to the LRC to use personal computers and receive assistance in their coursework and related assignments. In addition, tutoring by faculty and staff is available to all students experiencing academic difficulties. Faculty may recommend that a student seek tutorial assistance if the student requires additional academic assistance outside the classroom.

For advice on your academic progress and tutoring contact:

  • Your Mandl Department Chair; or
  • The Dean of Academic and Student Services; or
  • Assistant Dean of Student Services; or
  • Director of Evening and weekend programs.

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