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Is a College Degree Worth it? Yes!

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When deciding between a college degree verses no college degree, there are a variety of factors to consider. Depending on your career aspirations, you may or may not need to earn a college degree.

Healthcare Careers

If you are interested in a career in Healthcare, a college degree is quite important. Many places of hire require a degree and many careers within healthcare require licensing and certification and your degree is your ticket to preparing for these exams. Mandl School offers associate degrees in some of the most competitive and fastest growing careers in Healthcare.including Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Respiratory Therapy and Surgical Technologist.  

By evaluating the potential benefits and job opportunities of each option and weighing them against potential disadvantages, you can make an importance decision about your education going forward. Here are the top advantages to having a college degree.

Advantages to a College Degree

Creates networking opportunities: When you attend a college degree program, you get the chance to connect with a variety of other young professionals who have similar interests and career aspirations. This can help you build friendships and make important connections. Your classmates can become professional references, business partners and potential employer connections that can drive your job search.

Helps market candidates to employers: Having a college degree can help candidates standout to employers when they include their degree details on their resume. A college degree shows employers that candidates have the ability to learn and excel with multiple priorities (courses) at a time.

Without a degree you could potentially earn less on an annual basis: In some situations, those without a college degree can excel and maximize their earnings. However, it may take longer for them to achieve the same annual salary as those with college degrees. As the worker moves up the ladder, often those with a college degree will travel further and also at a higher salary all the way up.

So is an Associates Degree worth it?

According to, the answer is “yes,” and a resounding “yes!” Here are just a few reasons to believe in the value of a college degree:

  • Higher salaries, employment rates and greater job satisfaction.
  • Better health outcomes and greater life expectancy.
  • Greater job safety. The incidence of receiving workers’ compensation is 2.4 times lower.
  • Better citizenship. Those with college degrees are more than twice as likely to volunteer.
  • Stronger economies and communities. In part due to increased income from taxes, but there is also a direct correlation between an increase in a community’s college-educated population and income growth for workers of all education levels.

Mandl School has helped thousands of graduates find employment in the Healthcare industry. We’d like to help you. Apply today to learn more!


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