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Surgical Technologist Career

Surgical Technologist

You want to start a career in the health profession as a Surgical Technologist? This is honorable and will certainly be rewarding. Yet, the thought of beginning a journey towards a real career in medicine can feel overwhelming. Mandl College is proud to be that first step to achieving your goals. There are two important words that describe our approach. Opportunity and Teamwork. Part of our mission of giving opportunity is our understanding that one cannot succeed without becoming a valuable member of a team. Just as a hospital, medical office or clinic, Mandl offers an environment that thrives on teamwork. It is the perfect place to begin understanding and immersing yourself in the medical team culture. Being supported and supporting others make for a happy, productive and meaningful educational experience. It leads to a career that is all of those as well as profitable and exciting.

Work alongside doctors.

Speaking of teamwork and excitement, surgical technologists work alongside doctors and other medical professionals. They are always part of a very special mutually respectful team doing stimulating and fulfilling work. At Mandl we make sure our students have all of the necessary skills and are thoroughly prepared for the demands of this job. We even have a fully equipped clinical skills lab outfitted with standard operating room equipment right in our school. Mandl is particularly proud of its high caliber Surgical Technology program. We are excited to launch careers in a field that is projected to grow 12% between now and 2026. This is faster than the average for all occupations. This can be attributed to advances in medical technology that have made surgery safer leading to more operations being done to treat many different illnesses and injuries.

New York is highest demand and highest salary.

According to the United State Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York is in the highest demand and job opportunity category for surgical technologists in the country. New York is also amongst the highest paying states for surgical technologists. As a student in the Mandl Surgical Technology program you will be highly qualified and in demand in the growing and fulfilling field of surgical technology. You can experience the satisfaction and joy of helping others while changing your life for the better. Call one of our admission representatives today at 212-247-3434. Take that first step towards an exciting career!


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